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  • Raw texts by Ummaisha, a Norwegian expat, Mum of 6, Wife, and Social Scientist in Morocco. This blog is a digital space of Unapologetic Societal Pondering through Autoethnographic writings. I write about everything that creates that Mode that makes time stand still until I'm done. Most often, that mode is activated by my interest in the post-hijrah phase of Muslim families migrating from the west to the Global South: How the process of detox and shifa creates a new sense of autonomy, responsibility, creativity, and well-being.

    A new worldview.


    The content on A House in Ahlane's platforms may be of interest to fellow Muslims and other free souls wanting to get to know the northern world from a Muslim perspective, as well as how we as scandinavian expats experience everyday life here on the African continent.

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    Growing and Detoxing - Learning through Unlearning - Inspirations - Societal Ponderings

    March 27, 2024
    April 1, 2024